News: Mary Beth West is the winner of the PRO PR GLOBE Award

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LAST week, the prestigious PRO PR GLOBE Awards were given as part of the PRO PR conference at the Jezero Hotel at the Plitvice Lakes, Croatia. The winners are nominated by former winners of this award, as well as winners members of four world communication associations: The Public Relations Communications Association (PRCA), International Public Relations Association (IPRA), The International Communications Consultancy Organization (ICCO), the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) to the winners in 2022.

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The award winner for the United States was Mary Beth West (pictured), public relations strategist at Fletcher Marketing PR. She said, “It is a tremendous honor to stand among such an outstanding assemblage of global public relations leaders, in receiving the PRO PR Globe Award in 2023. As a nominee from the Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA) – and having served for some years as the PRCA’s Global Ethics Council co-chair – this honor is particularly humbling to me, given that I understand I was nominated by the late Francis Ingham, who served for 15 years as director general of the PRCA and chief executive of the International Communications Consultancy Organisation. I humbly would like to accept this award, in honor of him and in memory of his life’s work. 

“Francis believed in the power of communication as a source for achieving good in the world, and he was a fierce advocate for ethics in the PR industry. Thanks to his 15 years in leadership of the PRCA, the association is solidly known worldwide for its drive for standards of excellence and universal best-practices. Francis also believed in supporting other colleagues, in their dedicated work to elevate economic demand for PR and support the success of the PR workforce in nations worldwide. I know that Francis served as a keynote speaker for this prestigious event last year. He told me how proud he was to do so – particularly the honor of working with Danijel Koletić and his team… given their massive dedication to the industry. My thanks extend to Danijel, to the other leaders and organizers of this event, and to those who have gathered here to embrace our industry,” said West.